And realized I loved you in the fall
And then the cold came, the dark days
When fear crept into my mind

… I’m sorry for that night
And I go back to December all the time

listen: [x]

i. don’t say a word - ellie goulding | ii. the scientist (acoustic) - coldplay | iii. why’d you only call me when you’re high? - cover by miley cyrus | iv. stuck on you -  new politics | v. i’m a mess - ed sheeran | vi. clarity (live) - foxes | vii. hate to see your heart break - paramore | viii. salt skin - ellie goulding | ix. terrible love - birdy | x. thinking out loud - ed sheeran | xi. i know - tom odell | xii. i see you - mika  | xiii. back to december - taylor swift

+ bonus track: xiv. alone together - fall out boy

Sep 01st
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in case u can’t read my splendid hand writing : “dear molly, you are more bearable than most. Happy birthday, sherlock” 

Aug 24th
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"You can see me."

What always gets me  is how easily Molly says she doesn’t count and the amount of hurt, indignation and apology in Sherlock’s face when she does. These actors I just-


Poor Molly.


Sherlolly - by emedealer


Sherlolly - by emedealer

I made another Sherlolly video! Feel free to have a gander~. 

Aug 13th
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"There stood the famous detective in his long Belstaff, holding tightly onto the little pathologist in her white lab coat. Her feet continued to dangle some inches above the ground as he held her in place. Neither of their faces were clearly visible, as they were both pressed into the other’s neck. Not that it even mattered. Faces clear or not, it wasn’t exactly a mystery as to what they were feeling in that moment."

I Told You So, Chapter 12; by writingwife83

Done! I hope you like it! Had fun drawing this! <3

I'll be your parachute

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