"Moriarty slipped up. He made a mistake. Because the one person he thought didn’t matter at all to me was the one person that mattered the most. You made it all possible." 

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FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [1/7] Hottest Scene: Sherlock/Molly Kiss 

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"Over the course of the three series, Sherlock becomes incredibly fond of Molly and can’t really do without her.” (x)

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And still I feel I said too much, my silence is my self-defence
And every time I’ve held a rose, it seems I only felt the thorns
And so it goes, and so it goes
And so will you soon, I suppose
- And So It Goes, Billy Joel
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Sherlock and Molly (Sherlolly) - Keep On Wanting

Well here it is as promised!! My Sherlolly video which has taken me around 5 days to make, I am rather proud of it. I just started using Sony Vegas so it’s not as great as I had hoped. 

Also I apologise for the volume at the end, it was too quiet at first so I upped the volume and it went a little loud. Hopefully you all like it anyway. Enjoy. :)

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Sketch for more of my ridiculous Uni!Sherlolly AU.

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Sherlolly Fic Recs Part II


And here is my list of fic recs from AO3. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Disturbances of Circadian Rhythm: by Anuna: M Romance/Introspection: Five times Sherlock Holmes can’t sleep, and thinks about Molly Hooper and the nature of his emotions for her.

To Be A Family: by Iolre: T Drama: “Fancy seeing you again,” Molly said simply. Billie picked up one of the carrot chunks and watched Sherlock with curious eyes. Sherlock looked down at her and then back at Molly. The pathologist took a deep breath, and steadied an arm around her daughter. “This is Billie. Billie, this is Sherlock. He’s your father.” (I like anytime Sherlock and pirates are mentioned. Parentlock).

Three-Quarters Curiosity: by tallulah99: Explicit PWP: Curiosity has always been the driving force in the life of Sherlock Holmes. Tonight it drives him to embark on a potential experiment that means working with volatile elements and potentially explosive results…and Molly Hooper. (I love a bit of introspection. I love sex from Sherlock’s POV. This combines them in the best possible way).

You Shine in Your Way: by miabicicletta: T Romance: Seven playlists Molly Hooper made over three years (for one reason). (A clever concept with an interesting writing style).

With Honours: by LaTessitrice: G Gen/Light Romance: He might not want a goldfish of his own, but that doesn’t mean Mycroft can’t appreciate one of Sherlock’s. Not when she keeps his brother out of trouble and keeps him in baked goods. (The author ships Mycroft/cake. That’s awesome.)

Here, This Sphere of Angels: by miabicicletta: T Drama/Romance: He’d traced the curve of her jaw with a finger, and her last coherent thought before the chemical stimulant began coursing through her bloodstream was that three years time had not changed Jim Moriarty. If anything, his madness had only deepened.

Hello My Old Heart: by Sundance201: T Romance/Introspection: Sherlock Holmes gave his heart to Molly Hooper a long time ago - she just never knew. (Very mature writing; I love it.)

More Precious Than Jewels: by broomclosetkink: G Romance: Helping John shop for an engagement ring is easier than Molly thought it would be, especially with Sherlock in tow. (Rather fluffy at the end.)

The Blind Dater: by Solshine: G Humor/Romance: Sherlock has to do things John’s way for once. Although he still manages to do it his way. Molly, meanwhile, gets no say in this at all. (This one made me grin quite foolishly. It was adorable.)

Stutter: by AsteraceaeBlue: M Romance/Case Fic: Molly does a bit of undercover work on one of Sherlock’s cases. Sexy times ensue. (I quite enjoy everything AsteraceaeBlue writes so look for their other stuff as well)

Baby: by Lono: G Humor/Romance: “Molly, you have to get out of this flat!” “I can’t, Sherlock! I have a lease!” (Another one of my favorite authors. This fic is based off one of my favorite old Cary Grant movies)

Sixteen and a Half Months: by emmagrant01: Explicit Drama/Romance: The world thinks Sherlock Holmes is dead, but Molly Hooper is one of the few who knows the truth.

Type: by HeayPuckett: G Romance/Humor: Sherlock and Molly discuss what constitutes his “type.” She makes a compelling argument, but Sherlock doesn’t give up his position easily. (Another one that makes me smile even though it’s not overly shippy).

A World of Goldfish: by Lothiriel84: T Romance/Humor: He’s living in a world of goldfish, and there’s just one he’s interested in watching. (Mycroft POV)

Part III coming tomorrow. Here is Part I


Dear God my hand hurts after this one! Left in the construction lines but when I upload the process video you will see it clean. Any Sherlolly ideas people? Thinking of doing a drawing per day kind of thing. :)


SH: “You do realize the boat will tip over if you lean too much.”

MH:”It’s fine.”


MH:”Because I know you’re going to save me anyway.”

(here have some mer!lock au

the water looks crap.*cries forever*)

Sherlolly + Doing casework together.

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