muijju: Hi! My name is Maiju and I’m doing my bachelor’s thesis on fanfiction. I read your fanfiction and I really liked it, so I wanted to contact you and enquire that would you be interested to participate my study by answering anonymously some questions that I have about the subject? You don’t have to give any specific details of yourself (not even name), just answer some questions that circle around the idea “is fanfiction useful”? Answering would take about 5 minutes :) 

That’s quite an interesting choice of thesis. I, personally, do not write any of the fics you see on the blog. However, if you still need people, I will publish this and send some of the writer’s your way?

nicosxxdarling: your blog is perfect. no other words to describe it. sherlolly ♡ 

aww thank you ;)

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sherlock+molly | demons

watch it in hd, please. do it for my broken wrist.

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Holmes & Hooper.     [02/???]

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"Since everyone speaks so highly of beauty…and they constantly try to go on about how that is the best quality, but he – Shakespeare knew more, he didn’t want to compare his love to that, for he saw…what she truly is. She is not a goddess, her hair is not so fair, and she’s just human, but still – nothing…compares to her." (x)


Who is Molly Hooper?

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you see her when you close your eyes
maybe one day you’ll understand

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